Decentralized Financial Applications for everyone

We build decentralized financial applications to give you the most financial freedom.

A Protocol for Decentralized Options

Trade, mint and exercise call or put options, in a trustless and decentralized manner without having to rely on any third party


No-Loss Crypto Investing Platform

Earn interest on your DAI and buy crypto of your choice solely with the interest earned


Auctus Token (AUC)

What is AUC used for?

Auctus will be the utility token at the heart of the DeFi products developed by Auctus.

Buy-back & burn of AUC tokens equivalent to 100% fees charged on Auctus' DeFi products

Reductions of fees and other discounts on Auctus' DeFi products

Unlock exclusive features by holding AUC

Where you can buy AUC?

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