Relevant considerations about the project

About Auctus

What is Auctus?

Auctus is a leading smart contract-powered retirement planning platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies.

The Auctus Platform brings retirement savers from around the world together, providing a trustless marketplace where users can create and exchange tailored retirement apps and services. The platform furthermore provides information and fee transparency, as well as access to analytic tools and robo advisory, allowing the user to take well informed decisions.

Auctus is latin and means growth. We believe that blockchain and smart contract can enhance the retirement market, allowing retirement plans to grow faster and pension savers to reach their goals earlier.

Auctus Project is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Auctus Token (AUC)

Every user of the Auctus Platform will need to have a certain amount of AUC token in escrow to use its services.

Furthermore, all payments on the marketplace will have to be settled in AUC token.

Individuals and companies offering their services or products on the marketplace will be paid in AUC token only.

Payments on the marketplace can be linked to results. Meaning users won’t be paying for bad advice. All terms can be coded into the respective smart contracts and transactions will therefore be fully automated and depending on results.

We are working closely with our lawyers and advisors to be fully compliant and well positioned for being listed on exchanges.

Furthermore, we are engaged in conversations with exchanges. For strategic reasons, we will only disclose names once 100% confirmed.

Right now, AUC token is being traded at Bancor, IDEX and Fork Delta.

Token Launch and Usage of Raised Funds

The hard cap is 7,500 ETH and includes amounts raised from strategic investors and pre-sale.

The token sale is scheduled for April 10th, 2018 at 2 PM GMT.

The total supply is 67,420,000 AUC tokens.

Yes. To be on the whitelist, you must fill in this form.

Everyone, except U.S. and Singapore persons, residents, green card holders, same as citizens and residents of Kuwait and People Republic of China.

Auctus aims to be as credible and compliant as possible in everything it does, including KYC and AML verification. In order to participate in the Auctus token sale, you must complete KYC proccess at

No. After the token sale ends, no additional tokens will be issued.

The AUC tokens will be available instantly. They will become transferable immediately at end of token sale.

AUC tokens allocated to Auctus’ Core Team will not be immediately transferable. They will have 2 years vesting, with a 6-month cliff. This means every 6 months, 25% of those tokens will mature. 80% of tokens allocated to partners and advisors will have 6-month vesting with 3-month cliff. The vesting rules will be enforced via smart contracts.

Product Development: 42%
Business Development: 28%
Communication and Marketing: 18%
Other Expenses: 12%


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No. We had a bounty last year and closed it in November 2017. There won’t be further bounties.