The Auctus Platform will provide users with the tools and services needed to achieve their retirement goals faster. The fundamental purpose of the AUC Token is to provide a result-oriented, transparent and low fee structure, aligning the interest of human and robo advisors with savers’ goals and ensuring transparency. The multi-purpose token was designed to fuel the platform and create a balanced ecosystem.
Access and Platform Usage

Auctus Platform will be exclusively accessible through the AUC token. To create an account and start saving for retirement, users will need to hold a certain amount of tokens in escrow using the platform smart contracts.
Platform currency

Users with AUC in escrow can access the platform and use built-in tools and standard features. Inside the platform, users can get tailored recommendations (how much to invest and asset allocation) from human and robo advisors.

In addition to being a platform currency, which enables efficient and frictionless transactions between participants, the AUC token will also be used to prevent users from paying in advance for bad services or advice.
Value exchange

The AUC held in escrow in exchange for a particular recommendation can be gradually released to be transferred to the human advisor or developer if the returns meet the predictions, as well as the fluctuations (volatility) do not exceed tolerated levels of risk. The parameters such as vesting period and tolerance will be auditable prior to the purchase of the service or tool. Users can redeem the tokens in case of bad advice.

Smart Contract


Final Results